Fairfax Place Therapy


Fairfax Place therapyThe focus overall of any therapy program is to customize the treatment plan to the individual’s needs.

Physical therapy focuses on restoring a person’s independency in all aspects of their daily functional activities. A physical therapy treatment plan may include: ambulation, transfers, wheelchair and bed mobility, reintegration into the community, strengthening, and instruction to staff/family members to maintain the highest level of function. Specialized programs can include pain management, contracture reduction, wound care, edema management, and vestibular rehab.

Occupational therapy focuses on improving the quality of a person’s life through adapting the environment to keep the resident safe while performing daily activities. An occupational therapy treatment plan may consist of toilet transfers, bed mobility, dressing, bathing, wheelchair positioning, feeding, and orthotic fitting. Specialized programs may include home assessments, meal preparation, energy conservation, and wheelchair assessments.

Speech therapy assists patients in improving the quality of communication with staff and family members. A speech therapy plan of care may consist of improving cognitive recall to improve their independency in daily routines at home or in a facility, designing memory books, organization of thought processes, and assessment of various food textures to prevent aspiration and pneumonia.