Fairfax Place Neighborhood


Cleveland's Fairfax neighborhood, located just east of University Circle, is primarily a residential area and home to a large middle-class, mostly African-American population.  The area also includes some of Cleveland's most treasured institutions, including Karamu House Theater, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the Cleveland Playhouse.


The Fairfax neighborhood became a part of Cleveland in 1872.  This vibrant community reached its peak population in the 1940s and 1950s, when it had more than 35,000 residents.  During its early years, Fairfax generally was populated by residents of European descent from the East Coast. Starting in the early 1930s, the neighborhood gradually became home to predominantly middle-income African-American residents.



Recent U.S. Census Bureau figures show that Fairfax has more than 7300 residents, the vast majority (95.5%) being of African-American descent. The median household income was shown to be nearly $16,800.