Fairfax Place Estates

The Fairfax Estates are beautifully-restored Victorian homes located on the Fairfax Place Campus. These homes have been thoroughly updated to include amenities and conveniences for seniors seeking an independent or assisted-living environment.

Service is the key for individuals needing assistance with necessary and essential activities of daily living. Assistance for residents can be arranged for daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating meals, and medication monitoring or delivery.

State-of- the-art security is provided on the Fairfax campus. Features of the security system include closed-circuit television monitoring and electronic wandering alerts. In the event of a medical emergency, residents benefit from the considerable resources of the Fairfax Health Care Center located next door and the presence of a world-class healthcare institution directly across the street.

Staying as active as possible is the key to healthy living and Fairfax Place provides activities and programs designed to fill our residents' activity calendar. We provide outings like shopping, and visits to cultural, educational and entertainment facilities. Fairfax is dedicated to providing an environment which preserves personal dignity, while ensuring that the assistance and care provided to our residents is the best.

Whether you require a more independent lifestyle, or skilled nursing care, our staff is able and prepared to serve you. Call our facility to arrange a personal tour and discuss your personal needs or the needs of a loved one. We're sure that you will want us to provide all of the necessary services.