Making a Difference


We strive to make a difference in the lives of our residents each day at Fairfax Place. A range of services and activities are provided for our seniors. Our therapeutic programs, field trips and on-site extracurricular activities are designed to help residents maintain an optimal level of independence while enjoying a high quality of life.

 With the full spectrum of health care options available, our residents also have the opportunity to enhance their lives and health in every way. Our goal is to help residents live and age well. Wellness is described as living a life that is purposeful, spiritual and experiencing an overall emotional, social, intellectual and physical well-being. At Fairfax Health Care Center, we understand the role we play in helping residents achieve these qualities. We realize that we play an integral part in assisting our seniors in their efforts to achieve their highest level of well-being.

With a holistic approach to the health and wellness of our residents our team is constantly implementing innovative ideas and activities to improve the lives of our residents. Considering that our residents have varied levels of capabilities and mobility our activities team is flexible. Residents who are confined to a bed have the option to have the activity brought to them. Others are encouraged to come into the activities center to fellowship and participate with their peers. All of our staff is galvanized to take a resident-centric view of their careers at Fairfax. What we do, no matter the task, is designed to strengthen and encourage our residents to continue to live a life worth living.

Fairfax Newsletter

July 2014